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Buying or selling a home is a complex undertaking and it's especially true to the first-time buyer or seller. Working with a good real estate professional will certainly help save your time, effort, and money. As you are now reading this message, I assume that you are looking for a realtor who provides professional services. I am more than happy to serve you and will make your real estate experience stress-free and agreeable. I possess the most current technology and knowledge about real estate and hold the highest ethical standard when working with my clients. Your benefits are always taken care before my remuneration. I will make sure that you get the most out of your next real estate transaction by taking advantage of cutting edge technology, products, and services. While browsing through my website, you might like to have a quick market update by municipality for the Great Vancouver area.

People deemed intelligentsia may like to educate themselves about real estate transaction to bring their understanding to a comfortable level before facing a real case. There are lots of information available to the general public over internet. One of the good resources would be REALTYLINK website which provides abundant valued information, such as Home Buying Guide, Home Selling GuideUseful Tips . It's certainly worth visiting.

Please keep in mind, unless you are trying to build yourself as a realtor, self-education shall increase your comfort level when dealing with a real transaction but would not bring you to the extent of being a professional. There is distinct difference between an amateur and a professional. Therefore, don't make yourself become knowledgeable enough to be dangerous. Things like buying or selling a home are better off left to a professional. If you are looking for or planning to sell a residential and/or commercial property in Great Vancouver area, I invite you to contact me for your needs and questions you have. Thank you!

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地產買賣是 個相當複雜的交易,同時涉及的金額非常龐大,風險也高。因此,聘請一位專業 的地產經紀人代為處理是非常值得的。專業的地產經紀服務可節省您寶貴的時間、精力、和金錢,協助您作正確的選擇與決定,並以最完整的資訊和高品質的服務幫您在地產交易中取得最有利的成果。我的服務除了專業和誠信之外,還 有最高的道德標準。保證您的利益被妥善照顧之後,才考慮我的酬勞。

從事房地產買賣時,若能多充實有關的知識,一定有助於交易時的順暢,同時也能降低風險。當您遛覽我的網頁的同時,不妨利用這個機會,也了解我所製作的大溫地區各城市最近的房屋市場情形。如果您喜歡充實自己地產有關的知識,Realtylink 網站有許多很好的資料可供參考,如 Home Buying Guide, Home Selling GuideUseful Tips 等。

自己能多了解房地產市場和其相關的資訊,必定有助於買賣的成功的利益。但 這不等於有能力獨自處理房地產的買賣。因為一知半解的知識有可能促成嚴重的錯誤。西洋人稱之為 Know enough to be dangerous。考慮其繁雜的程度,房地產的交易還是由專業的經紀人 員來協助您處理會比較有利且安全。在此誠心邀您 ,當您要從事地產買賣時,請連繫我,由我來提供您專業誠信的服務。

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